Monday, September 13, 2010

You read it here first!

Whether it's my comments that Johnson's touchdown-receiption-that-wasn't was only the last in many missed opportunities in Sunday's game against the bears being repeated by Coach Swartz to the media, or Greenspan agreeing with me about why we were fighting a war in Iraq, I enjoy it when a national or local figure repeats something I might have said earlier.  It boosts my ego, and we all know how fragile male egos can be...

Most recently I was reminded of an article I wrote in 2007, Accrediting Your Adversary, while reading Kathleen Parker's column this weekend.

In my column I warned about the dangers of focusing so tightly on a political target that you give them more attention, and political weight, than they deserve.  By singling them out you give them a power similar to how Voldemort marked Harry Potter--and we know how that one ended.

So Kathleen Parker writes:
No one is enjoying Obama's attempt to demonize Boehner more than Boehner. The White House seems to relish playing target practice with an enemy du jour and, in the process, elevating its prey. When the administration singled out Rush Limbaugh as the leader of the Republican Party, no one was more delighted than Limbaugh.

Even though his critics say he's prematurely measuring for new drapes in the speaker's quarters, Boehner is hardly a household name beyond Washington and political parlors where the chattering class feasts on the latest polls.

Effective immediately, Boehner is the un-Obama, and that is not a bad thing for Republicans. If the president were confident in his programs, some of which Republicans also support (research and development tax credits, for example), he wouldn't need to challenge Boehner on his own turf. Successful leaders ignore the hecklers and noisemakers. 
So now we all know (or are learning) who Boehner is, even though we didn't know him until Obama started arguing with him.

Of course, had then-senator Obama been reading my blog he would have known that.  But as a regular reader of this blog, you won't make that mistake.

(pat self on back)

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