Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It pays to be bland

From "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"
Captain Nemo: I am Captain Nemo, putting myself humbly at your service. I have heard of Mr. Quartermain.
Quartermain: And I've heard of you, Captain. Rumor has it you're a pirate.
Captain Nemo: I would prefer a less provocative title.
Quartermain: I'm sure you would.
Believe it or not, there are only three self-described Democrats on Ferndale's Financial Planning Committee.  There are also five self-described independents, two that didn't identify any affiliation, and two that weren't on the list at all (and were yet still appointed).

There are no self-identified Republicans.  I find that fascinating.  During the Bush administration, Republicans pretty much lost their "quals" as fiscal conservatives, so in that regard Republicans are indistinguishable from Democrats.

Another possibility is both are ashamed of their parties, and not without reason.
Quatermain: I may have been overly rude earlier... when I called you a pirate.
Captain Nemo: And I may have been overly charitable... when I said I wasn't.  But I try to live in the now... where the ghosts of old wrongs do not abide.
Nemo, at least, eventually admitted he was being "overly charitable."

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