Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Council appointees to Ferndale Financial Planning Committee

A list of people nominated to the planning committee, for a term ending December 31, 2010.

Nominator  Nominee              Motion
Baker      Kathryn Hershberger  carried
Galloway   Scott Helmer         carried
Lennon     Steve Kuzmanovich    FAILED
Piana      Mark Van Dyke        carried
Baker      Robert Porter        carried
Galloway   Dennis Whittie       carried
Baker      Joel Petrie          carried
Piana      Jacqueline Smith     carried
Galloway   Greg Pawlica         carried
Baker      Ben Updyke           carried
Lennon     John McQuiggin       carried
Lennon     Thomas Gagne         FAILED
Baker      Sharon Chess         carried
Baker      Daniel Harteau       carried

A couple quick notes (longer ones may follow).

There must be something poisonous about Kuzmanovich and Gagne.  What do those guys have in common (besides Lennon's nominating them) that none of the other council members would second the motion?

Baker, Galloway, and Piana all batted 1000, going 6-6, 3-3, and 2-2 on their nominations.

How is it Baker was allowed six nominations?

Why did Mayor Covey allow Baker six nominations?


  1. Reminded me of a Fantasy Football draft.

    How about at least a token Republican, black, or straight? That's the diversity Covey is always cheering for.

    And the comment about citizens submitting petitions AKA Redress of grievances. Sounds like Mayor believesif elected they should have free reign.

  2. Unfortunately for Mayor Covey, he wasn't allowed to make nominations directly. He's prohibited by Robert's Rules, as the chair, from making or seconding motions, though he was able to get two councilman to make his nominations for him. I think he went 1-2, but will have to watch it again.

    I also failed to mention that Bruner's memo to council recommended terms ending 12/31/2011, but the meeting minutes report the terms will end at the end of 2010. They'll have to work quickly, but hopefully not to hastily.

  3. Does sound a bit fishy but should surprise nobody. Is this more of "pocket people"?

  4. Aren't you Gagne? What's with the third person stuff?

  5. "What's with the third-person stuff?"

    Hmm... The whole paragraph is 3rd-person... Maybe a coping mechanism??? ;-)

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