Sunday, April 09, 2006

St. Paul Minnesota's Much Ado about Easter

Everyone takes their turn: Next to go: snowpersons

This is an update my previous posting linked above. In mid-March St. Paul Minnesota's human rights director Tyrone Terrill and city councilwomen Kathy Lantry defended their order removing a modest Happy Easter display on the grounds they didn't want to violate the First Amendment's non-establishment clause. An odd turn of events in a city named St. Paul.

Had they only done their research.

Or perhaps they could have waited for April 9th's USA Weekend article explaining how the tradition of Easter exhisted before Jesus' resurrection.

But that's not important. What is important is provincially minded people equating the display of bunnies and baskets with Constatine the Great's legitimizing Christianity in Rome or Britain's King Henry VIII break with the Vatican and the creation of the Church of England.

And am I the only one that appreciates the irony of all this coming from a city named for a Christian saint?

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