Monday, April 24, 2006

Flying Flags Proudly - Vive Mexico?

Flying Flags Proudly - Vive Mexico

Craig Covey is Ferndale's Mayor Pro-Tem (FMPT), CEO of Michigan Aids Prevention Project (CEOMAPP), and a gay white male (GWM). He's excited all those nice supporters for undocumented worker amnesty programs have spirited, cheerful marches but laments their detractors are a bunch of misbehaving poo-poo heads.
"[It's great] to finally see citizens and visitors in America demonstrating their beliefs in an energetic and public way. For too long public protest has been muted and stifled and limp. People need to get out of their easy chairs and off their couches, and get out of their cars.

"Monday in Atlanta, however, a small group of counter protesters burned a Mexican flag. While they have the right to protest and speak their minds, it was disconcerting that they had to take the next reactionary step to burn the flag of Mexico."
If he thinks that was energetic he should see By Any Means Necessary's (BAMN) protest against the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI). Over-turning tables, breaking windows, and throwing rocks is definitely "..demonstrating their beliefs in an energetic and public way."

Covey's research low-balls the number of undocumented (that's a euphemism for illegal) workers (UWs) are actually from Mexico, The Urban Institute (TUI) published a report saying:
"Mexicans make up over half of undocumented immigrants—57 percent of the total, or about 5.3 million. Another 2.2 million (23 percent) are from other Latin American countries."
Covey's statistic don't need to agree with TUI's (A nonpartisan economic and social policy research oranization), but prepositional hairs are sometimes worth splitting. It may be only 57% of illegal immigrants are FROM Mexico, but another 23% likely come THROUGH Mexico. In other words, a perfect border may have eliminated 7.5 million illegals, or 80% of the total.

In 2004, the Washington Times reported California (one of six states with the greatest number of undocumented workers) spends over $10 billion on healthcare, education, and incarceration for cheerful protestors. And why shouldn't they be cheerful with welfare like that? Heck, they have 10 billion reasons to be downright giddy from California (CA) alone!

More poo-poo heads are sure to rain on their parades. According to The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) the citizens of California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida are paying $1183, $717, $725, and $315 respectively per-household on healthcare, education, and incarceration of illegal, whoops--I mean, undocumented workers.

It's always fun to ignore the costs of illegal immigrants from a Ferndale easy chair and couch the concerns of fellow US citizens outside Michigan while flying the Mexican flag with self-righteous pride. It's even more satisfying when the poo-poo heads are paying for it.

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