Monday, April 24, 2006

I was joking about the Gregorian calendar thing

Last December when I wrote,
"The Gregorian Calendar needs to go. It could be argued the whole Y2K thing could have been avoided had Pope Gregory's invention been dispensed with earlier. Apparently, no known computer glitch is known affecting the Year of the Golden Dragon."
I didn't expect to be taken seriously. Now I'm reading the most Politically Correct people represent years by replacing BC and AD (Before Christ and Anno Domini) with BCE and CE (Before Common Era and Common Era).

I was joking!

It's too late now and I hope I'm not blamed for it. As a computer programmer I hope no one takes my suggestion of using the Chinese calendar as a mission statement to satisfy some diversity goals. Of course, from a jobs standpoint imagine how many programmers would be needed to make that fix. It would make the Y2K bug look like a single weekend in the calendar of life.

Is it too late to take back that suggestion? Is the sarcasm not coming through?

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