Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Vote "No" on Ferndale School District Millage

With voting day (February 28th) only a couple weeks away, it's time some facts regarding the Ferndale School District are published so they may be discussed and voters' better informed whether raising their taxes to cover another $22.8 million to chase down the $62 million preceding it in recent years is a good investment.. or not.

Watch your porch for this month's issue of Ferndale Friends, which includes two op-ed pieces arguing for and against the millage.  One is from Citizens for Quality Schools' representative Robert Bokram, and the other is written by myself.

Earlier today, The Ferndale Review published excerpts of an email exchange I had with Review reporter Charles Sercombe.  In it I discuss a few reasons I'm opposed to the millage.  More complete (but still word-limited) reasons are in the Ferndale Friends article.

Citizens for a Fair Ferndale is sponsoring a forum to inform voters on the ballot issue this Sunday, February 12, from 2-3PM at the Ferndale Public Library.  You can either wait until then to ask your questions, or post them here or at the Ferndale Review.  If you post them here, I'll do my best to provide timely answers.

To my knowledge the Ferndale Patch has not investigated or reported any anti-millage sentiments.


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  2. In the FF article I remark that the district seems to turn a deaf ear to residents' concerns about crime at Taft Adult Education Center.

    Here's a report from The Daily Tribune that verified those issues through FOIA and their own reporting.


  3. The Ferndale 115 has a story about the upcoming ballot forum.

    You can read it by visiting the link below.