Thursday, February 26, 2009

ZIP responds: Seven Facts about zoning

Patti Ashmore, the leader of the group opposing First Baptist Church's leasing space to SOS, has published an editoral on FerndaleOnline. As neither the Daily Tribune or Woodward Talk has seen fit to print it, I'm glad she was able to publish it.

After reading the article, please join the discussion.

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  1. I am so proud by the actions taken by people like Patti and the other ZIP members. The city has made it crystal clear at every turn that it DOES NOT CARE about its residents whatsoever. I would still love to hear a coherent argument from either Rob Bruner or Marsha Sheer as to why the will of a single non-tax-paying church takes precedent over the well being of hundreds of tax-paying homeowners who are the very foundation of the city. There is something borderline maniacal how our city council and management has boarded the runaway train of political correctness. Do they even remember whom they are supposed to represent? I those responsible for ramming through this SOS move at any cost should be held accountable, especially at election time. When casting your next ballot for mayor or city council, remember this issue, and think to yourself, "Were they really looking our for me by dong this? Or did they have a different agenda." I'd say the answer is clear, and the residents have spoken loudly. It's time to clean out our own little Tamany Hall.