Monday, February 16, 2009

John McCulloch interviews Tom Gagne on WJR

On Friday, February 13, I was invited to discuss BAMN's protests at Western Market and other downtown Ferndale stores on WJR's The Frank Beckman Show. John McCulloch was sitting-in for Frank Beckman.

Today, WJR posted the audio for that nearly 30-minute segment. Also on the program were Western Market's Steve Selvaggio and Ferndale School District spokesperson, Stephanie Hall.

Click on the links below to hear a recording of the broadcast.


  1. Props, Tom!

    Way to fight the fight. Now look out for flying folding chairs.


  2. Thanks, Mr. Gagne for posting this great information. If anyone here in Ferndale was wondering what BAMN wanted, it is a clear vision now. Nothing like holding an innocent victim hostage, Western Market, to make another innocent victim, Ferndale School District, surrender their rights. Sounds like a Nazi tactic. How has the business been at the market? Have the protestors returned?

  3. From what I hear, business has improved since people have found out what BAMN was doing. Additionally they haven't been there in two weeks now.