Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pardon me, was I hostile to you?

Rally pushes for immigrant rights - 06/05/06 - The Detroit News Online
"The diverse groups claim a climate of hostility toward immigrants, here legally and illegally, has risen since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks."
Detroit's and other cities' newspapers have reported claims of increased hostility. There have been townhall style meetings, prayer groups, interfaith services, and media-organized roundtables to discuss how to address the issue. The only thing missing are police reports supporting the claims.

I haven't finished reading Shelby Steele's "White Guilt" but am already suspicious of claims of our hostility towards immigrants. Perhaps because all whites have been stigmatized as racists in a manner similar to how feminist propoganda is convincing males they're all rapers-in-waiting we're feeling guilty for crimes we haven't committed and never thought to commit in the first place. But we're feeling guilty anyway.

Is there any group of non-white males that the entirety of white males isn't guilty of offending since Columbus discovered the New World? They could direct their angst toward and demand dispensations from Italian explorers or the Spanish that sponsored his trip.

The city of Dearborn's Arab Community prepared in the weeks following 9/11 for retaliatory attacks that never happened. Now immigrants are organizing protests against hostility that hasn't surfaced yet. As is usual with socio-political charlatanry they follow the popular media's lead and have dropped the word illegal from the issue.

Are the blogosphere and Fox News Network the only news and opinion sources that can discriminate between legal and illegal immigrants?

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  1. This puts me in mind of a conversation about people wanting to be the victim. The victim gets special treatment, the victim gets warm fuzzies from the pity dispensers, the victim is the person to be. I think too many groups believe they only way to validate their existence is to declare themselves victims. And, if there's a victim, there must be a "bad guy." And who better to be the bad guy than white males?