Friday, June 23, 2006

Grab Bag 20060623

Drivers take hit over pot smoking
Michigan's Supreme Court may have erred on this one. 4-week-old evidence of having inhaled pot (first or second-hand) is not evidence of driving under the influence. Everyone who attended a pop/R&B/rock concert within a month prior to a speeding ticket is at risk of an OUI offense.
Mayor's lawsuit targets Connerly
People usually keep reading comprehension deficiencies to themselves.
UAW Pays for fun, perks
With all that entertainment spending I was surprised Kwame Kilpatrick's name didn't show up. And people were concerned Delphi's Steve Miller was sending the wrong message?
Mortgage rates rise on inflation fears
They may be as high as four years ago, but they're still lower than the late 70s and early 80s when rates were in the teens.
Detroit Murder/Suicide: Woman feared for her life
PPO's aren't enough, but you can't arrest people for what they might do, or even for what they threaten to do. But when does it cross the line and become what they will do?
News Flash: heirs more likely to inherit fortunes than initiative to build them
This shouldn't surprise anyone, but it's always reassuring to know stereotypes aren't invented out of thin heir.
Seven terrorist suspects arrested in Miami
A few weeks ago it was 17 terrorists in Toronto, now there's seven in Miami. All young Muslim men. Is profiling really as absurd as we've been trained to think it is? Is Political Correctness the new McCarthyism?
Muslims and West blame each other
Can't imagine how that happened. Muslims think we're greedy. We think they're violent. They think we're selfish. We think they're lazy.

Meditate on that then consider America's own class warfare and how liberals complain "the rich" (however we define "them") are greedy, selfish, and not paying their fair share. What might "the rich" say of us?

And what has each of us done with the greatest fortune ever inherited, America? What kind of heirs are we?

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