Wednesday, February 03, 2010

City of Ferndale Delays Municipal Building Project

I'm posting this here only because it's new and I can't find a link to it in a more respectable location.

SUBJECT: City of Ferndale Delays Municipal Building Project

Ferndale, Michigan (February 2, 2010) - In November the City received design-build proposals for the Municipal Building Project from Redstone Architects and Walbridge Aldinger; CDPA and JS Vig Construction; Wilkie & Zanley and Micco Construction; and French Associates & Neumann/Smith and The Daily Company. The Project Team reviewed the proposals in December and interviewed the design-build teams in January. The Project Team recommended the Council interview Wilkie & Zanley and Micco Construction; and French Associates & Neumann/Smith and The Daily Company in February.

The Council has spent three years carefully considering the City's facility needs and solutions to fulfill those needs. Now that the Council has arrived at the decision point regarding these design-build proposals, the City has arrived at a crossroads. Without significant cooperation from the unions, the Council will have to reduce the number of City employees by approximately 30 positions (20%) to balance the FYE 2011 Budget.

The design-build proposals are based on staffing levels the City may not be able to maintain. As a result, City Manager Robert Bruner has invited the top two design-build teams to present their proposals at the Mon 2/8/2010 Council meeting but has also asked them to extend their Guaranteed Maximum Prices (GMP) until Fri 5/7/2010, the deadline for the Council to adopt the FYE 2011 Budget. This will allow the Council to consider the FYE 2011 Budget and the Project simultaneously.


Robert Bruner
City Manager, City of Ferndale
(248) 546-2360

Alicia F. Washeleski
Senior Project Manager, Plante Moran CRESA
(248) 223-3811


  1. So the reason they're delaying is because they may not need extra room if they layoff 30 people?

    Anyway, it hasn't been put to sleep yet. This is one of those ideas that needs a DNR order.

  2. Crystal beat me to it (as she should!). She reported it yesterday in the Ferndale115.

  3. Where does this put the Courthouse that doesn't meet accessibility standards for the disabled? While I am against building new municipal buildings at this time, I am also against citizens in wheelchairs having to be carried into public buildings.

    BTW, I believe the long term goal of the municipal buildings is a good one, in that it offers the potential of an increased tax base for the city by means of moving public offices out of prime commercial real estate areas, and opening them to development. Obviously now is not the right time, but people should keep that goal in mind, as increased tax revenue can be used to pay for increased (or restored) city services down the road.

  4. Priorities. Had the citizens,especially the Unknown Flier Maker (UFM) < this would have passed probably and then we would be reaching deep into the pockets.

  5. How come Bruner has not offered to take a concesion? Police Officers and Fire Fighters put their lives on the line on a daily basis and make half the amount he makes. The city managers of lager cities don't even make as much as he does. The citizens need to ban together and force the city officials to take a harder look at the situation at hand. If they take away any police officers the crime will go up and in turn people will continue to move out of the city and you will then have an even bigger problem. The last place you should cut is from public safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The city manager told me Monday night he will participate in the same concessions the rest of the city's staff sacrifices.

  7. Bruner actually said publically at the last meeting he would take concessions, and expressed hope the other department heads would do the same.

  8. Phoenix - Type40 SalesFeb 3, 2010, 8:35:00 PM

    Hey anonymous we won't have an expanded tax base if jobs, property values and sales tax revenue are not increased which is clearly on the decline in Michigan all over. One of the residents brought up several "green" opportunities to generate $$ with expanding the parking with a revenue generating structure, deck or other options.

    Check out the city budget and see what the auto parking fees cover as far as city services and land upkeep. The nay sayer businesses against fixing the parking issue downtown were surrounded by businesses and residents in the immediate area that are impacted and voiced their dismay at the city not coming to a decision sooner. So we have between now and may to get the word out and pack every meeting to voice all sides of the discussion.

    Pack the DDA meeting. Pack the city council meetings (dress to be on camera). Be heard and demand answers.

  9. Brunner is going to take the same concessions??? Cool, he can be the first to get layed off, that just saved one job. Any more volunteers?

  10. Anonymous, that last comment about Bruner is an example of anonymous posting HIDING your identity and NOT protecting it. People tend to exercise more restraint when they must stand behind their words--though it's still no guarantee.

  11. Mr. Phoenix, I am in full agreement with you regarding your statement on parking, and as a Ferndale citizen/homeowner, thank you and your wife for taking on the role you have in trying to get a reasonable discussion going amongst the concerned parties. My wife and I stopped by her shop a few weeks back to purchase some gifts and tell her the same after seeing her at the council meetings. One shouldn't underestimate the persuasive power of presenting oneself and their argument with integrity and honesty instead of rage and insult. Thanks again.

  12. What is your point Tom. So I did not sign my name. The point is taken, and funny as well. Relax and get a sense of humor.