Friday, November 23, 2007

Speech, the wheel, and now fire -- what will become of mankind?

If you're already reeling at my use of the word, "mankind," congratulations. You're a soldier in the Army of Political Correctness and are working to control speech.

Global warming hysteria is working to control what people drive.

Now San Francisco is considering a ban on fireplaces.

So speech is being controlled, automobiles increasingly regulated, and now fire places. Of mankind's greatest achievements I'm pretty sure language, the wheel, and fire are among our top three. What kind if psychological condition might explain that? Is it some kind of inferiority complex, guilt, or masochism?


  1. My question is "how long" before the Berkely Grad and California style leftist in the Governor's mansion starts pushing the same nonsense on Michigan?


  2. I discovered today that what was next was something I missed. A Washington Post editorial today warns that fish aren't being well treated in fish farms.

    I'm don't have a reference now but I'm confident PETA isn't thrilled with hunting, and already big industrial farms are the cause of all kinds of fertilizer run-off and bad odors, so gathering isn't thought well of either.

    So the list of scourges man has visited on the planet include the wheel, fire, hunting and gathering. Political correctness exacts its toll on speech and procreation itself is under attack from Zero Population Growth and feminists like Andrea Dworkin.

    How long, do you think, until perpetuation of the species is targeted for elimination by a United Nations Commission Report?