Wednesday, August 08, 2007 is open for business

It's hard to keep good news from leaking out. As of July 30, I'm an official candidate for Mayor of Ferndale.

I'd originally intended to keep the news quiet until August 15, when we're having an announcement party at Geary Park (6:30-7:30PM), but that plan didn't work for a lot of reasons. First, we'd collected over 100 signatures for my nominating petition last month, so all those people knew. Everyone in my family knew. The other mayoral candidates knew (there was four, but now there are only two), and finally yesterday's Free Press published a brief item about the mayoral race:
FERNDALE: Councilman, activist are in mayor's race

City Councilman Craig Covey, 50, said Monday that he'd been notified over the weekend of the acceptance of his petitions to run for mayor.

Thomas Gagne, a Republican activist, is also running, Covey said.

Gagne could not be reached Monday.

How about that, I'm an activist!

The reporter, Bill Laitner, was correct--I couldn't be reached for comment. He left a message at home Monday afternoon which I didn't hear until it was too late. He and I did talk briefly Tuesday morning and have made plans to talk again.

Please visit our campaign's website,, and send me comments and suggestions for its improvement.

Like any political campaign, we need money for postage, printing literature, voter lists, lawn signs, bumper stickers, renting pavilions, and finally pizza and pop while we watch November 6ths election returns. To that end, I am grateful for any contributions you may be willing to make. Checks and credit cards are both accepted and all the information can be found our donations page.

And of course, keep visiting this and the campaign website for progress reports and information about the candidate, me.


  1. Congrats and good luck!

    Let everyone over at RM know what you're up to... I'm sure folks would be interested!


  2. What's the latest? Fill us in!


  3. Thanks for asking Nick.

    Today at 6:30PM, at the Geary Park Pavilion on Pinecrest, two blocks north of Nine Mile Road, we're having our campaign kick-off party.

    Everyone is invited to attend, and some of the press have been invited as well. It shouldn't last more than 1/2 hour, but we've reserved the pavilion until 9PM for anyone that wishes to stay and talk about Ferndale's future.

    After it's over, I'll post the text of my statements here and on our website,