Monday, May 21, 2007

Religious leaders blame President for winter

I really don't want to spend that much time on global warming, but I just read a story that made me wonder, "What next?" Reuters is reporting that religious leaders are urging the president and congress to do something about global warming.

The article starts out:

In an open letter to be published on Tuesday, more than 20 religious groups urged U.S. leaders to limit greenhouse gas emissions and invest in renewable energy sources.

"Global warming is real, it is human-induced and we have the responsibility to act," says the letter, which will run in Roll Call and the Politico, two Capitol Hill newspapers.

If you believe global warming is man-made, I'd like you to suspend that belief for a short moment and consider:

  • What if the sun is the cause of warming here on Earth just as it is on other planets in our solar system?
  • What if the rise in CO2 is caused by warmer oceans and not man?

If it turns out the sun is responsible then isn't the request by religious leaders for the president and congress to do something about global warming about as rational as asking them to do something about winter? After all, winter truncates the growing season to only a few good months in the middle of the year. Meteorologists' predictions of winter's impending toll on crop yields are almost certain to follow the early warnings they say are certain to come in the fall.

I apologize for my sarcasm, but there must be better science and health issues for religious leaders to petition the government about. There are enough people calling for hand waving and fist pounding that pastors and rabbis are unlikely to make a difference. And as things are today, I don't see President Bush saying, "Well, if Imams think we should do something about global warming we'd better hop to it. Remember what happened to that Salmon Rushdie fellow? He was forced into hiding and I've still got 19 months on my White House lease."

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