Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Link -- Sayet Right

Pete Peltier recently introduced me to a video on YouTube. It was Evan Sayet speaking at the National Heritage Foundation. I'll take more time discussing his lecture later, but encourage everyone to watch Regurgitating the Apple: How Modern Liberals 'Think', and visit his blog.

Of course, remember to come back here for the really important stuff.


  1. I enjoyed your comment in the Freep Blogs about teachers not teaching kids to think.If you could read between the lines of the kids writing you could see that they were promoting either assassination of the Sudan President or Invasion, though they did not realize that.

    I am not able to blog in the FreePress because of a blog i posted last week. I am locked out.
    so i wanted to let you know anyway how much I enjoyed what you wrote in this blog on Darfur.

    Rick Weiss

  2. Rick, you seem a pretty calm fellow from the posts I've read on your blog. What could you have possibly written to get you kicked-off the Free Press' forums?

  3. Thomas
    I had Bogged over 490+ entry's and I instead posting a opinion, I wrote a short story about how children learn what there parent project which leads to sin and sometimes violence. This ended with me being banned, ( Though they did not say I was banned, they never contacted me, I am just locked out) AND on Friday I was interviewed by a State Trooper from Ypsilanti about my Blog.

    I wish I had never published it. Ironically Mitch Alboms column on Sunday was similar to mine. At least in my twisted Yooper mind

    Rick Weiss

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    Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 1:35 am Post subject:


    There was a young man from Ann Arbor who loved first person shooter video games, One day he was in the kitchen snorting cool whip gas and cooking some nuke and puke burritos, when in stepped mom, all dressed to go out. What are you doing home son? Well mom I'm suspended from school again. I told that pig of a teacher to Fu@k off. Well said mom I cannot deal with his now Im late for a pro choice rally over at U of M. When are you going to be home mom, Oh I don't know son, I may stop by Jami's for some drinks, MOM!, your not going to get loaded again? what about dinner?
    Oh you'll fend quite nicely by yourself. What about school? Oh don't worry mom Ill go back latter today and deal with those Nazi's. We'll then Ciao I am off.

    So the young man went finished snorting the cool whip gas, wolfed down his burrito and went to break in next door where Mr. Cooper the hunter lived. On his way out he angrily exclaimed, That Bit@h she cares more about killing babies than taking care of me.