Monday, October 16, 2006

When your role model becomes your enemy

Many liberals like pointing to Canada and Europe's varied universal government-paid health care programs as models for the United States to emulate. Labor leaders like Europe's worker-friendly shortened work days, long paid time-off, and near-guaranteed employment. European countries are also favorite destinations for Hollywood's liberal soapbox set to wallow in self-inflicted exile while the United States has become so conservative under Bush's leadership, in their opinion, as to become unbearable, or in the Dixie Chicks case just too embarrassing.

So what will all these celebrities do now that
European countries are discovering they can't reconcile Islam's way of life with their own? What will become of Hollywood's favorite vacation spot if their politics are even more intolerant of this peaceful religion's most un-peaceful self expression? Where will Democratic congressmen and senators go for their boondoggles to study Europeans living peacefully with minorities in ways America, in their opinion, is incapable of?

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  1. Oh, it's better then that.

    In Canada the complaints about the health care system are going up along with budgets and in inverse proportion to quality. Sweden and Germany are both engaged in efforts to rein in the welfare state. France is trying to use the EU to force Germany to raise taxes so that France won't suffer by having a low-tax (relatively speaking of course) nation right next door siphoning off what little vitality there is in the French economy.