Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Toward a Fair Michigan

On August 8, 2006 I received an invitation from Carol Allen, program director for Toward a Fair Michigan (TAFM) to visit their website. Realizing how difficult it is for many folks to discuss the issue at all, TAFM produced a 12-part video, Where Do You Stand?, with representatives discussing the initiative, preferences, and affirmative action from multiple angles, both pro and con.

In addition to that video, there's audio and video from multiple and civil discussions and debates on whether higher education should allow preferences and the value of diversity on campuses.

Barbara Grutter, the plaintiff in
Grutter v. Bollinger challenging the University of Michigan's law school admission is TAFM's president. It's chairman, William Allen, is a former Chairman of the US Commission on Civil Rights. Recently, William Allen wrote an open letter to Michigan's Attorney General Mike Cox warning that Michigan's Civil Rights Commission's hearings on the initiative's alleged fraud were improperly conducted.

I recommend taking the time to listen to the debates since for most people, this may be the closest we get to participating in an civil discussion with learned, well-spoken, and prepared advocates both for and against the

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