Monday, March 20, 2006

Connerly letter catches Granholm hypocrisy


Granholm's correlation of diversity to Michigan's need for engineers and improved education is nonsequitur and demonstrates a patronizing and condescending attitude towards minorities. Diversity doesn't provide more engineers or educate students any more than it widens freeways or builds public transportation.

Most parents desire their children to move out of the house and stand alone. Only liberals want to keep minorities from leaving the nest, which suggests minorities are less like children than they are a pet cause. Being treated as a house pet, as democrats are disposed to treat minorities, is the true insult. Liberals take their pet causes out for walks on the editorial pages of our newspapers, provide for them with preferences, and parade them at the Oscars. Unsurprisingly, best-in-show winners Reverands Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton,
Joseph Lowery and others are unlikely ever to leave the house because the food is good, they get plenty of attention, and they're just too darn cute in ribbons.

This relationship between liberals and minorities is necessarily un-equal. One group can not "care for" and "protect" another group they don't feel somehow superior to, or believe can't fend for themselves.

Thomas Sowell visits this topic briefly in the first chapter of his book, Black Rednecks and White Liberals:
"The general orientation of white liberals has been one of 'What can we do for them?' What blacks can do for themselves has not only been of lesser interest, much of what blacks have in fact already done for themselves has been overshadowed by liberal attempts to get them special dispensations--whether affirmative action, reparations for slavery, or other race-based benefits--even when the net effect of these dispensations has been much less than the effects of blacks' own self-advancement.

"... this protest-and-government-action model has become the liberals' preferred, if not universal, model for future black advancement."
If there wasn't a reason to pass the civil rights initiative before there most certainly is now.

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